Namibian-German Special Initiative

for community-driven development in specific regions

Deputy Minister take stock of NGSIP projects in the south

Deputy Minister Lucia Iipumbu
SATISFIED ... National Planning Commission Deputy Minister Lucia Iipumbu (left) visited various projects funded through the Namibian-German Special Initiative Programme at Tses, Gibeon, Blouwes and Hoachanas recently.


Economic Planning and National Planning Commission (NPC) Deputy Minister Lucia Iipumbu have expressed satisfaction with the execution of some Namibian-German Special Initiative Programme (NGSIP) funded community projects in the //Karas and Hardap Regions.

The projects, funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and implemented by the NGSIP started in 2013 in Gibeon, Tses, Hoachanas and Blouwes have a total projected value of N$ 12,635,401. 00.

The Gibeon Multipurpose Centre, valued at N$2 ,135,295, comprises a Traditional Authority Offices and Accommodation, self-catering units, shared ablution facilities, admin office, kitchen and multi-purpose hall and is meant to provide facilities for skills training opportunities.

The Heritage site, cultural museum, sports field, fountain at Hoachanas valued at a total cost of N$ 7,725,576.00 is still under construction.

A further N$ 1,858,596.00 million is used for the building and completion of the Tses Tourism information Centre and Campsite, whilst N$ 915,934 was utilized for the building of the new Traditional Authority Office at Tses.

The Deputy Minister, who undertook a familiarization tour to take stock of the projects, however, voiced her concern over delayed progress in the construction projects at Tses, Blouwest in //Karas and Hoachanas in the Hardap region.

Iipumbu has expressed satisfaction with the pace of construction and the caliber of work carried out to date on the Multipurpose Cultural Centre in Gibeon under the newly appointed Contractor: Rehoboth Properties CC.

She observed that the major structural component of the project was “pretty much completed “, adding that she was really pleased with what the Contractor accomplished within a short space of time since they commenced employment.

Iipumbu emphasized the importance of completing outstanding projects in the south in particular and the rest of the country, in general. She urged all contrcators to ensure completion of completion of all projects before the end of the year.

Issues relating to minor reconstruction, changes in the offices that are too small, changes to the sewerage systems to the projects at Tses, were discussed and resolved.

During the visit, the Deputy Minister was accompanied by the Chief, National Development Advisor in the Economic Planning Ministry in the Presidency, Ned Sibeya, NGSIP Programme Manager Matthew /Goagoseb, NGSIP Social Advisor Dr Namu Musulwe and other senior officials.

Iipumbu also set timelines for various phases of each project to be completed and directed the Programme Management Team(PMT), the local authorities and contractors to ‎immediately take steps to ensure that those contractors move to the sites to ensure completion of those projects.

The Deputy Minister visited a Multi Purpose Commercial Centre in Gibeon; the Tses Tourist Information Centre and Campsite, the planned Soccer Stadium and Heritage sites in Hoachanas in the Hardap Region.

“For instance, in the case of the Tses Tourist Information Centre and Campsite ensure that you meet and give us details about the proposed new changes as soon as possible,” she said.

The Tses Tourist Information Centre and Campsite which is still under construction, was damaged by strong winds and the work only resumed recently.

At the site Iipumbu and entourage was met by the Tses Village Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Silas Amulungu, Councilor Diana Matheys, Councilor Goliath Abraham, Councilor Wilmina Suwute and member of Village Development Council (VDC), Anne-arie Roos.

She was briefed on the progress being made regarding the construction of the Centre, which has been marred by delays on the part of the previous contractor.

Lucia acknowledged the challenges, but said it’s not the Government sole responsibility to oversee the completion of the Centre and encouraged the new contractor to expedite the completion.

“First and foremost, I want to make it clear that the Government does not have direct responsibility over this community initiated projects. Having said that, it is important that the community, the contractor should work together as a team to finalise the projects,” she said at the site of the unfinished projects in Tses. “Government is complementing what is being provided by the local communities,” said Iipumbu.

Iipumbu was not happy with the poor workmanship of the previous contractor and encouraged new contractor to take jobs at these sites seriously. Iipumbu also set timelines for various phases of each project and directed the PMC officials and Contractors to meet and finalise the projects before the end of the year.