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New Computer keeps Nowak Primary learners disciplined

Nowak Primary school
Nowak Primary school learners receive orientation in the computer laboratory handed over last year by the Namibian-German Special Initiative Programme (NGSIP)


The introduction of a computer laboratory at the Nowak Primary School in Tses, through support by the Namibian-German Special Intiative (NGSIP) has instilled discipline among the learners.

Helen Kruser, the principal at Nowak Primary in Tses, felt the computer laboratory with 20 workstations was timely, as it instills a sense of discipline and restores in them a pride for self-learning. “The computer lab is a huge success story for us,” said Kruser. “We see this as causing a major transformation in the lives of our young generation and the image of our school as it restores discipline.” “This exciting project allows learners to benefit from computer training and solutions that deliver an uncompromising end-user experience. In addition, we use the computer laboratory as a reward for those disciplined learners."

The school is situated at Tses, 80 km north of Keetmanshoop, and received three pre-primary school classrooms, renovated ablution facilities and a computer laboratory with 20 workstations through the NGSIP last year. The principal explained that learners would always work hard in anticipation of some reward to be allowed to use the computers in the laboratory.

“We have to stimulate and motivate them to work hard and be disciplined so that they can use the facility. The introduction of the computer lab has drastically reduced ill-discipline at the school,” Kruser added.

The principal recalls that when she heard about the NGSIP programme she immediately canvassed the support of her school management team and the governing body to embrace the initiative. According Kruser since the NGSIP support was handed over to the school, there has been significant improvement. “The reports I got from the heads of department dealing with the subjects are positive. I am impressed by the changes that brought about a renewed level of determination, commitment and enthusiasm among the teachers and learners,” said Kruser. “Can you imagine what good results we could produce if this support could be continued in other areas of the school?” she asked with a smile.

According to Kruser, the classroom backlog, especially in the pre primary at the school has been addressed with the construction of the new buildings. She lauded NGSIP for exceeding the school’s expectations with the construction of three pre-primary school classrooms and renovating ablution facilities. “The support dramatically brought about a change. The NGSIP support was like manna from heaven to our school. This is a collaborative work of private organizations and public institutions, showing commitment to quality education for our learners,” said Kruser.

The notable improvement of education standards at the Nowak Primary School in Tses was acknowledged by the community and teachers alike. The school was judged best by the community in every category after parents visited it recently, and praised the NGSIP for "the timely intervention that transformed lives of the school."

The previous year it had been given a satisfactory rating, which at that time was equivalent of requiring improvements. “We are extremely excited about the positive changes to our school,” said one proud parent. “Even our pre-school learners can’t wait to go to school in the morning because of the new classrooms.”

An education official in the southern region, Johannes Swartbooi said both parents and teachers are positive about the improvements at the school, commenting that a sense of community has returned to the school.

Another teacher who only introduced herself as Stephanus said: "The aim is for all our children to be enthusiastic, engaged and motivated in their learning and for the curriculum and learning environment to give children every chance to succeed, with happy memories of every school day. The school is over the moon that all this hard work has been recognized by the governments of Germany and Namibia, and it will continue to go from strength to strength."

The teacher said that the NGSIP support provided a lot of stability to the school, helping staff and kids get through the stress they have in their lives. Equally upbeat about the project is Collin Vries, a parent at Tses: “The way Nowak Primary School has improved is a credit to the pupils, staff and community.” Vries said the NGSIP has provided a platform on which the school can continue to build. “Partnership is driving this school community forward and should be seen as a source of pride for the whole community”, he added. According to Vries the parents and the local community are working as a team and placing Nowak as their first choice school in the circuit. “I have a child here and I’m amazed with what I have seen. I came all the way from the farm to just see this new development my child talk about,” said one parent.

Some of the learners who benefitted from the support hailed the experience and the knowledge gained from the computer laboratory.

The NGSIP is operational in the //Karas, Hardap, Omaheke, Khomas, Kunene, Erongo and Otjozondjupa regions. It is involved with developments in water infrastructure, livestock farming, schools and hostels, traditional authority offices and commercial centers.

The programme is worth a total of N$480 million and comes to a close at the end of September, according to NGSIP Programme Manager Matthew/Goagoseb.