Namibian-German Special Initiative

for community-driven development in specific regions

Implementation Strategy

The Programme’s basic modus operandi is that project requests are presented by communities, through elected committees, having gained the support of Traditional Authorities as well as Constituency and Regional authorities. Constituency Councillors are the Programme’s key coordinators through their Constituency Development Committees. After project viability and sustainability has been assessed, project requests are developed into detailed designs and tender documents by local consultants contracted following open tenders. Likewise, project implementation is carried out by private services contracted after tendering. Supplies, works and services are procured using the tendering procedures of the German Development Bank (KfW).

Strategic Approach

Consultation starts with the community and the outcome is synchronised with Namibian Government’s Plans. A bottom-up approach is used.

  • Community-driven concept and methods whereby projects are defined and owned by communities. Some are co-owned by line ministries.
  • Project Management Committees are elected for each project and are answerable to communities.
  • Traditional Authorities are uniquely involved and empowered throughout the project management cycle.
  • Strong coordination role for Constituency Offices.
  • Unique demand-driven planning process whereby projects may be selected across sectors (i.e. not confined by the agenda/mandate of any Line Ministry or sectoral programme) and then coordinated with line ministry programmes.

This concept, method and planning process has resulted in several positive experiences.

  • Genuine community ownership
  • Real felt needs are addresse
  • Community decision making processes enhance
  • Community project management capacity enhanced
  • Role of Traditional Authorities, Regional Councillors and other community structures in development project planning and implementation process enhanced